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There are safer and more natural alternatives than medications?

DandelionsBaileysmallestEveryone is seeking to eliminate toxic chemicals, dangerous drugs and all the side-effects that come with them. We are finally realizing that “modern” and “improved” may not be the answer. As in humans, when our pets are faced with a health or disease challenge, do we really want to be administering drugs to our pets for the rest of their lives or do we want them to get better and cured?


For instance, if we take a look at intestinal parasites such as worms. Years ago, when our pets were diagnosed with an infestation, we would simply purchase a package of wormer, usually containing natural botanicals, administer it and they were gone. The pet usually would have diarrhea or loose stool for a day or two while it was expelling the dead parasites. Today, we administer a monthly so-called “preventive” drug that leaves our pets lethargic, often with gastric distress, allergies, seizures and even death while being mostly ineffective. Why do we want our pets to suffer from the side-effects of these drugs when there are simple and natural cures that are available.

Many of the drugs on the market had their roots as a natural botanical food. When we look back forty years ago or more, many of the health challenges our pets face today were very rare. Cancer, diabetes, allergies, thyroid and endocrine disorders, joint problems and pain, and even more common symptoms like tear staining, chronic ear infections, yeast infections, and colitis were the exception but not the norm. If these challenges did develop, we looked first at natural treatments with foods and botanicals as “modern drugs” weren’t even in existence.

All the health challenges that are listed above are all nutritional in nature. So what has changed in our pets’ care over the last fifty years or so? First we’ve gone from home cooked or raw diets to dry kibble that was not invented until 1955. We also introduced preventive drugs, more vaccines, lawn chemicals, harsh household cleaners, deodorizers and disinfectants. Do you think any of these are linked to these modern diseases.

Today, all these challenges are treated with drugs that can have a wide variety of side-effects. All of these drugs also serve to only suppress the symptoms and not help the body cure itself. When we look at the natural botanical, herbal, and food alternatives, not only do we get relief of the symptom but also detoxify and get proper nutrition for healing. For pain, White Willow Bark and Meadowsweet are the precursor to aspirin. Before Lasik, Dandelion Roots and Leaves, Hawthorn Leaves and Flowers were use for congestive heart conditions. Cancer, which was extremely rare, was treated with Turmeric, Dandelion, Paul D’Arco, and Maitake Mushrooms. Diabetes is cured by eliminating the carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, grains and starches that are totally foreign to a carnivore diet.

Yes, there are herbs, botanicals, foods, mineral salts as well as massage, chiropractic, homeopathy, and other natural health practices that are safer and more effective than most medications. You, as your pets’ provider have to be informed, do the research and decide which treatment you want. Do you choose to treat symptoms with drugs with side-effects or with natural, beneficial foods?

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