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Really, are our pets healthier by ingesting toxic chemicals? you ever asked yourself we are lead to believe that the road to good health is through toxic, chemically laden processed food, synthetic nutritional supplements and processed toxic chemical medicines? Did you ever take a look at our environment and wonder how for thousands of years, all the plants and creatures on our planet had survived and thrived without humans creating all these chemicals? How can we believe that ourselves and our pets will be healthier by ingesting and being exposed to toxic chemicals?

It’s time for us to realize that all living things, plants and animals alike have limitations in their lives. Plants sprout, grow, bloom, reproduce and die. For some it may only be a short growing season while others such as trees may live for hundreds of years. Of course, they can sometimes be challenged by stress that occurs in nature. If their food source is depleted or over used by competitive growth, some will become susceptible to death due to disease, insects and other parasites.

If you look at all creatures including ourselves and our pets, this same process is also true. If our nutrition is grown on tainted soil, sprayed with toxic chemicals and fertilizer, destroyed with cooking and processing and also full of chemical additives, it will affect the health of that creature in a negative way. Our pets are at our mercy for their well-being which includes choosing their diets. Their bodies are designed for very specific digestion of very specific food groups. While the body is designed to compensate when ideal foods are unavailable, this creates less than perfect health conditions.

Similar to the plants, our pets are at a much higher risk of health challenges and disease when the nutrition is not specific. When the nutrition is less than optimal, the body must move the nutrients to more critical areas to stay alive. A classic example is the shortage of fatty acids and their role in the body. When there is a shortage of the proper fatty acids or their use is blocked by toxic chemicals, dry, itchy skin will occur. This condition can lead to other skin problems such as inflammation, hot spots, fleas, ticks, and even bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, parasites, and other pathogens thrive with immune suppressed animals as their body defense is minimized.

Medications, shampoos, topical remedies and parasite treatments camouflage the symptoms temporarily, then the conditions reappear and along with other challenges which may develop unless the core causes are addressed. When imbalance is present, it needs to be addressed in a way that provides for the body’s own mechanisms to fully function. Detoxification is a must and ingestion of sound, species appropriate foods are what must be done. This can only occur naturally.

Making sure the right nutrients in the correct form are ingested along with providing a way to prevent and eliminate toxins, you will see that the outcome will be more desirable instead of a slow, health challenged death. It’s a New Year and people make resolutions for themselves all the time, why not do the same for your pet. Time to start them on the path to a healthier lifestyle today!!!

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