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Food and Drugs for Pets – Are they really safe?

There have been plenty of frightening warnings about food safety, drug withdrawals and vaccine scares since the New Year began and we have had many questions asking “what do I believe and do?” We all want to believe that the foods we buy for our pets are safe and healthy and that our veterinarians are only providing the essentials for our pet and that these products are safe. However, with the help of the internet, we are quickly discovering that it may not be as safe as we think.

Let us look at commercial pet foods. You will see plenty of slick advertising promoting these great, natural foods along with the energetic dog or cat on the label; however upon opening the bag, we surprisingly do not see those same foods. As a result of our pets repeatedly consuming these products, many become lethargic, overweight and sick with constant visits to the veterinarian.. Does this make sense to you? Why do you think one major brand of dog food engaged in a class action lawsuit concerning pets passing away within hours of eating this food and yet there have been no recalls? We have an active case of a client’s pet going totally blind in one eye with the other one also on its way as a result of being fed this type of food after only after a few days. After changing the pet’s diet to an all natural and real food diet, the remaining eye with partial vision is already improving. Why is another major brand in a class action lawsuit for mislabeling their ingredients? Who is watching the henhouse?

How about vaccinations? Fifty years ago puppies were only vaccinated for approximately four diseases and cats did not require any.  Today our dogs are vaccinated every six months for all kinds of prevention; however, the submissions to the FDA conclude that most vaccines are only about 5% effective. If your pet has only a 1 or 2% chance of getting the disease naturally, is there a real benefit? We also must consider the warning insert you never see that lists all the possible side effects including allergy, scratching and itching, joint problems, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, blindness and death. Is it worth the risk and ask yourself, why didn’t my veterinarian advise me of these health risks before recommending and administering these vaccinations? Aren’t veterinarians legally obligated to do so under informed consent?

Take a look at the prescribed drugs for pets. Were you aware that most of these drugs are NOT approved for animal use and that there really are no set dosages? Did your veterinarian even give you the drug warning insert? That insert is legally to be given to the client and to be explained if there are questions?

Finally, take a quick look at antibiotics. They are routinely prescribed as a preventive to infection when in fact that method is NOT an approved use and when used this way can cause more harm than good. Make sure you truly understand why these antibiotics are being administered.

We have been told that home prepared meals are not balanced, that raw foods are unhealthy, that natural herbs and botanicals are unsafe yet the modern processed food and drug industry has only been around for a hundred years or so. Our pets and families survived from the beginning of our time before all drugs and pet foods. We need to look at what is natural in nature, not live under the fear that every being will die without vaccines, drugs and “special diets”. Do you trust the drug and food companies or the medical community more than you trust yourself? We should all instinctively know the answers or where to look. Of course, just using common sense goes a long way…

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