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Do You Think Giardia, Worms, Heartworm, & Intestinal Parasites Can Be A Human Threat?


Are you worried that pets can harbor and transmit parasites to their human family? This poses a major concern for all in the plight to keep all of us healthy. Actually it can also work in reverse as we can transmit our ailments to our pets as well although our hygiene practices are very different. Roundworms, hookworms and others are transmitted by contaminated soil and feces. Many of the protozoa parasites such as Coccidia and Giardia can be spread in the same manner and can also be consumed from contaminated water in puddles.

So here’s the question, how do we protect and ourselves against these threats and possible illnesses? Are they curable or preventable? The answer is yes. They are treatable, curable and preventable as well.

The initial line of defense against any threat to any living body is a strong, healthy immune system supported by a species appropriate diet and a healthy digestive tract. There are no drugs or remedies that prevent us from contracting these vermin. These threats are present all around us in nature daily. If we weaken ourselves or our pet’s immune system with chemicals, toxins and inappropriate diets, we set the stage for possible infestation of these parasites.

A normal healthy body has a number of natural defense systems designed to handle these types of threats on an ongoing basis. In most cases when the infection is induced, the immune system handles it and it disappears. Yes, there may be a loose stool or an episode of diarrhea for elimination but then it is cured naturally by the body itself.

So what happens if you are feeding your pet an inappropriate diet of commercial pet foods such as kibble and canned mystery foods and using toxic drugs for “prevention” of various parasites?  Many doctors and veterinarians are known to prescribe various synthetic poisons to kill the parasites but they also kill good intestinal flora needed for digestion as well as cells in the whole digestive tract. These poisons are also filtered through the liver, kidney and lymphatic system and can subsequently destroy these organs as well.

Diagnosis can be achieved through a non-invasive fecal exam but should be performed in a testing laboratory, not in a clinic as this can result in up to a 30% false positive. If the results are positive, do not panic! There are a number natural herbs and botanicals that have been used successfully for generations to rid these bad guys. Animals in the wild regularly self-medicate themselves with these natural botanicals to treat themselves instinctively.

The most effective prevention for your pet and yourself is to feed your immune system with clean, drug free foods, species appropriate of course and to detoxify and support both your pets and your body with the appropriate botanicals.  We all use herbs and spices in our meals and it is as simple as just adding in the appropriate ones to protect our overall health.

The natural universe has provided every living creature with the right species, specific nutrition, the adaptation to our environment and all the natural cures ever needed. The key is to open our eyes, seek those with the knowledge of nature and then open our minds of what this universe provides for us! We are here for you to help.

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