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Calm Before The Storm…Why?

YogaDogChillinDo your pets appear to be calm before a storm? Here’s a great example to help you understand why…

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, I look back at how totally exhausted many people were from the preparation for the storm, the emotional strain of the storm itself with no electricity or internet, and the physical depletion of everyone’s energy with the massive cleanup. I have to reflect on how our pets and animals fared. Their acute sensitivity gave them a completely different outlook on these events.

Prior to the arrival of the storm, our pets all exhibited some restless behavior. The birds were searching their cages for that right spot on the perch and in their flock where they felt safe. I observed that the cats had very similar behavior in their special habitat room. The dogs were a bit different. As man’s closest pet companion, we saw them with more anxiety. They stayed clinging to us as their pack leader and reacted to our energy. We on the other hand were worrying, praying, and prepping for the worst. They were reflecting us.

During the storm, while us humans were anxious, nervous and maybe fearful, they were all appeared calm. A quick peek in the darkened cat room, the beam of light from our flashlight revealed nothing but eyes. They did not stir, but were lying in their own special spots very calm. The birds stayed steady on their perches. There was no moving around as is normal in the flight cages. There was no chirping or sounds. All were silent but attentive. The dogs were also snuggled in their favorite sleeping spots, again calm and peaceful. I also noticed that none ventured to the food or water.

The reason for this is that animals are not tied to the emotions we project when we fear the unknown. They live in the here and now, relying on their instinct to survive what they don’t know. They are preserving energy to be used if there is real, not perceived danger.

The next day after the storm was completely a different scenario. As I ventured out to access the excessive damage on our morning doggy walk, these furry companions were happy and alive with new energy, despite the rain, puddles and branches they encountered. The aviary was alive as previously before, with the birds chirping back and forth and happily eating at their food stations. The cats, well, all were up, active and of course, looking for a fresh meal.

It is our duty as pet parents and stewards of their well-being, to learn, understand and be knowledgeable about their physiology, that is, how they function both in mind and body and then provide them with their real needs. We can learn from them if we understand what we are seeing. Proper nutrition is key here. When you feed species appropriate, fresh, all natural real foods, instead of chemically laced, processed junk; it provides them an environment that is conducive to what they would find in nature.  It’s about providing them the tools to build strong health and longevity through their own natural instincts and immune system. not through chemical and pharmaceutical substitutes. When constantly exposed to these synthetics and toxins, pets just like humans end up with results such as stress, ADHD and poor health.

Remember that nature has created these creatures in each individual’s own perfect and unique way. It is our responsibility to respect and preserve their lifestyle by utilizing the knowledge and understanding that is unique to us humans.

As always, we are here to help guide you down the right path.

Bill Piechocki, nutritionist and Dr. Diane Sudduth, DVM are partners in Fiesta Pet Deli in Pompano Beach, FL, 954-971-2500, We are also co-hosts of the online radio show. Our 40 years in the animal field has provided us unparalleled vision and information which we pass to our clients daily. Call or email us for a free consultation, we would be more than happy to help. 800-940-7387/

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