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Is It Possible To Get A Stronger Immune System to Fight Cancer?


cancergermanshepclouds As known leaders in the animal health industry, we can’t stress enough times how important the role of nutrition plays in building a strong and healthy immune system. It can be done simply by following a good species appropriate clean diet that nourishes all the parts of the body. Once a strong immune system is achieved, it can then heal the body of all types of challenges including cancers.

There are many times that we hear a diagnosis from the doctor or veterinarian as cancer. At that time, most of us have been programmed to immediately think of an impending death sentence. It’s unfortunate that this type of situation tends to be propagated as a tool for a highly emotional purchase from a limited selection of drugs and treatments provided by conventional medicine. In most cases, these treatments attack and mitigate the symptom but ignore the cause. We had heard that according to the FDA, chemotherapy only has a 3% success rate. We trust our doctors to be the experts and they continue to sell us treatment that has a 97% failure rate. It is a fact that the body is truly capable of curing itself of cancer and other disease as long as it is provided with the right nutritional and detoxification tools.

When it comes to defeating and fighting cancer or actually achieving a cure, the key is for all to approach this disease as a whole body challenge and to support the body with the tools it needs to accomplish this. Cancer is a man-made disease that has its’ roots in the plethora of toxic chemicals that ourselves and our pets are constantly exposed to. These toxins disrupt the normal functions of the organs that must work in unity to produce healthy cells and also destroy the unhealthy ones.

As many of us are already aware, cancer thrives when fed a high glycemic, carbohydrate diet. Sugar creates inflammatory conditions that further compromise the whole system. When this happens, the body becomes further out of balance in the production, utilization and balance of the biochemical system of enzymes, hormones, minerals and nutrients.

Processing and cooking foods also degrades the quality of the nutrients which are usually replaced in manufactured foods with synthetic (chemical) supplements.

Daily, the body produces cancer cells, however a healthy immune system will keep them in check as long as we follow a species appropriate, clean, natural diet and lifestyle. For carnivores such as dogs and cats, this consists of a rotational diet of meat, fish, poultry and eggs as the macro nutrients. Most of the major nutrients are found in these foods when they are fed in their natural raw state.

The essential micronutrients also come from botanical and herbal sources that are high in antioxidants, bio-available minerals and have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, fungal, virus, parasite properties which add to immune health and support the endocrine system production of hormones and enzymes. In addition to these benefits, most will also support the cleansing and health of the liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid and the internal parts that all work together to create the immune system.

The ultimate goal is to provide your pets and yourself with a variety of foods, herbs, and botanicals that will maximize and optimize the body with good health from the time of conception until the end of a long life. If we all use this as a daily guide, you should greatly reduce the risk of cancer and most other diseases.

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