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Healthy Pets Don’t Itch!

We are all familiar with the condition that causes our pets a great deal of stress called itching. Millions of dollars are spent yearly on supplements, medications, dips, shampoo and sprays to help relieve this scratching and itching. In fact, there are even medical specialists that devote their practice to just this issue.

The problem with all these approaches is that none address the underlying causes. Instead we try to offer relief and soothing but battle with secondary issues such as inflammation and infections.

So the key is to find out what causes our pet to itch and scratch all the time?


We hear a plethora of reasons, however the truth is that it all boils down to a few basic issues. Fleas and other parasites are obvious, as well as injury and bites. The vast majority of these ailments are brought on by the same factors as all other disease conditions –  toxicity and deficiency.

When we track down the source of toxicity and deficiency, the solution is simple. We should start by eliminating any and all sources of toxicity that we can. The body is trying to eliminate toxins through the skin, the ears and anal glands as well as through the stool. The lymphatic system is an extensive network of filters that work to rid bodies of any harmful substances. Many of these substances are irritants that trigger the itch response.

The toxins can also impair our ability to balance the body. Mineral deficiency is often caused by toxins replacing naturally needed nutrients. If we use dry skin as an example, what exactly is that? It is a condition where the cells are dying at an unhealthy accelerated rate. This is the result of toxins actually killing the cells and blocking the nutrients needed to generate new cells. The dermal layer becomes thinner and weaker resulting in an inability to defend itself against pathogens. Parasites find this to be an easier target for their nourishment.

Of course, deficiency occurs when our food is of poor quality and over processed. Every creature has a specific dietary need that nature has designed for it. You must remember that every time a whole food is processed, nutrients are changed and destroyed. As a result, toxins are continuously being added in through diet alone, not to mention additional environmental factors that contribute even more toxins as well.

This is why we recommend a species appropriate, raw, clean food diet.

Feeding the appropriate diet and removing the toxins through food will actually eliminate that itching.

Let me explain how certain foods and botanicals can help. Super greens such as spirulina, chlorella and barley grass products are excellent for cellular cleansing of heavy metals and toxins. Milk thistle and dandelion root cleanse the kidney and liver. Pau d’Arco and quassia bark are great blood cleansers as well as parasite eliminators. Grass-fed meats and cold water fish are rich in Omega 3’s that promote healing. All of these foods will both cleanse and support your pets’ body in order to achieve optimal health.

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