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Why is your pet…“Bad To The Bone”?

PoodleDevil_l_109720884Most everything that goes into our pets’ body has a profound effect on their behavior. In a natural environment where animals are eating species appropriate diets and are free from most man-made pollutants, most animals within any group will all show very similar behaviors. Yes you will get gender variations and those of dominance within the group, but a wolf will still behave like a wolf.

When it comes to our domesticated pets, they are exposed to all kinds of unnatural influences that can have profound influences on their behavior. At home, they are exposed to the chemical pollutants in the form of our cleaners, lawn products, drugs and medications along with the unnatural foods that pet owners provide. All of these factors alter their biochemistry and physiology.

Here is an explanation on how this happens. Take a look at a life cycle of a dog or a cat in the family. When you acquire your pet, we rush out to get food for them but do we really know about nutrition? We listen to advertising, talk to friends and even our veterinarian and their staff but are they educated in food or nutrition? If it’s not what they would eat in nature, the body starts to change. Dry foods filled with carbohydrates are turned into sugars, a real cause of hyperactivity, inflammation, diabetes, and other challenges that affect behavior.

Next you take your pet for a “wellness check up” and your veterinarian gives your pet vaccines and drugs for everything from heartworms to rabies. All have known risk factors which include mineral imbalances, allergies, hormonal disruption and even death. Along with that, they spay and neuter is added into the mix. How far are we from that natural wolf or jungle cat?

Dry food diets do not provide the metabolic energy our pet needs to thrive. It lacks components such as essential fatty acids to keep the skin and joints healthy. When your joints ache, you cannot function in a normal way. The same is true of our pets. They become lethargic, sore, grumpy and inflamed which can turn into anxiety, aggression or disobedience. Then add the medications with all their known side effects and we end up with a plethora of small and major issues.

Upon reading this, you will hopefully see that every little bit of unnatural drugs, foods and chemicals consumed over the lifetime of your pet has a profound and cumulative impact on every aspect of their behavior. Every imbalance we create adds to the growing list of behavioral problems. It is therefore imperative that we take the time to remember the true origin of our pets and to provide them with the most natural and proper species appropriate diet. Along with this, we must shield them from harmful toxins and provide them with stimulating activities that will emulate a true animal lifestyle.

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