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Blindness In Pets…

Every week, we see many health challenges from cancer to allergies and everything in between. One of the ever increasing and more challenging issues is that of eye care. More and more of our pets are living less than optimal lives as the result of eye challenges including. cataracts and blindness.

When we have all these medical advances, why is this occurring? Why is healing and curing such an issue? Why does it lead to such devastating results? Is it possible to reverse or cure most eye issues?

Let us start with basic eye infection including tearing, wet eye and tear staining. While some breeds of dogs and cats seem to be more predisposed to this type of condition, it is usually caused by a nutritional imbalance and exposure to toxins. While many eye infections are the result of bacterial, viral or fungal growth, we have to ask what is wrong with our pet’s immune system that allows these pathogens to proliferate.

These eye infections are the result of an already challenged immune system and if the causes are not addressed and cured, more serious problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, uveitis, corneal ulcers and other symptoms will occur. You may notice that while your veterinarian may refer to these as diseases, these are actually symptoms of a larger immune challenge. When these symptoms are treated, it may seem like they are healed however most of the time, they have only been disguised.

Let’s take a look at tear staining. This is actually caused by a toxin that is a preservative in most pet foods. This condition may be diagnosed as a plugged tear duct or eye infection and then subsequently treated with antibiotics or eye drops. This can be an internal challenge that indicates liver, kidney and other issues. The body moves these toxins to locations where it can be eliminated. The eyes are one such vehicle however exposure of the eyes to a high concentration of these toxins will ultimately create a new and different damage.

Along with our approaches to attaining optimal health, we need to build a strong natural immune system with species specific nutrition and by reducing the addition of toxins through drugs, vaccines, cleaning products, lawn chemicals and other toxins. Toxins plug and destroy the cellular functions in filters such as the liver, kidney and lymphatic systems. Research has shown that aluminum and mercury have a direct link to kidney and liver failure which has a direct impact on the eyes.

The biggest challenge with treating and curing eye problems is that eyes replace cells very slowly. Once damage is done, it requires months of nutritive support to grow back healthy eye cells while preventing more damage. We have found that along with a proper diet, adding specific botanical and herbs can help tremendously. Staining, cloudiness and even cataracts disappear.

The key to eye health is prevention through the right diet, clean water, the removal of unnecessary drugs, medications and vaccines, toxic cleaners and environmental applications, along with appropriate action when the smaller symptoms occur. Ask for the cause first and treat them, not the symptoms.

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  1. Patti

    Very good information. I hope to try some natural alternatives now before my dog ends up with some complicated health issues. Thank you for sharing your insights!

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